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The Lacemakers of Peniche (part 2)

One of the great things about the lacemaking festival of Peniche this summer was that there were so many opportunities to chat to the women about a skill which traditionally takes place behind closed doors. Many of the older lacemakers … Continue reading

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The Lacemakers of Peniche (part 1)

A few weeks ago I went to Peniche, a small fishing town an hour’s drive north of Lisbon,  where I spent the day watching dozens of women (and a couple of men) in a local park making intricate lace under … Continue reading

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The Sweet Smell of Success

As you’ve probably guessed, this photo wasn’t taken in London. I’d popped out to the local supermarket to stock up on a few essentials at the start of my holidays in Portugal and returned with a bag full of these. … Continue reading

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A Splash of Colour

I often take my portuguese basket with me to the market or supermarket for my weekly shop and over the years I’ve had quite a few compliments, but I’ve never seen anyone else with one. Last week though I finally spotted … Continue reading

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Made in Portugal

A lot of the products I’ve written about so far are rooted in Portugal’s past and rely on techniques that often have barely changed at all. That of course is part of their beauty and allure. But can any of … Continue reading

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Carpets of Colour

Arraiolos rugs have been around for hundreds of years and are still frequently seen in portuguese homes. The patterns are often intricate and can look quite busy, not always ideal in a smallish, cluttered flat like mine. But in the right place, … Continue reading

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The Green Island

My family on my paternal grandfather’s side is from the Azores (Açores in Portuguese). These remote islands, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, which I’d never visited, had always seemed rather magical to me. Last summer, the year of … Continue reading

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Ssh…It’s The Portuguese Conspiracy

The Portuguese Conspiracy serves portuguese food and wine, liberally sprinkled with portuguese culture, at different venues around London.  The supper club has been going since the start of the year and a couple of weeks ago we were lucky enough to get tickets … Continue reading

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Fado in Camden

Very enjoyable evening with my other half and friends at a packed Green Note in Camden listening to Claudia Aurora sing fado. She has a lovely voice and performed a mixture of traditional songs and her own material. She has … Continue reading

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Flirting with Fado

Ok, so a lot of my english friends really don’t know much about Portugal beyond the fact that it has some pretty great beaches. But when it comes to fado music, I’m always surprised by how many people seem to know … Continue reading

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