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Made in Portugal

A lot of the products I’ve written about so far are rooted in Portugal’s past and rely on techniques that often have barely changed at all. That of course is part of their beauty and allure. But can any of … Continue reading

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Carpets of Colour

Arraiolos rugs have been around for hundreds of years and are still frequently seen in portuguese homes. The patterns are often intricate and can look quite busy, not always ideal in a smallish, cluttered flat like mine. But in the right place, … Continue reading

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The Green Island

My family on my paternal grandfather’s side is from the Azores (Açores in Portuguese). These remote islands, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, which I’d never visited, had always seemed rather magical to me. Last summer, the year of … Continue reading

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The History of Portugal in an Object

Ok, so I’ve gone back in time a few centuries, but I’ve never seen anything quite like the Custódia de Belém. This religious object has an ethereal beauty which really did take my breath away the first time I saw it. Made from … Continue reading

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Figures From The Past

When I was a child my sisters and I would visit my grandparents in Lisbon every summer. Hours would pass in their stifling top floor flat in the heart of the city. My avós had very few toys to keep … Continue reading

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A Country On The Edge

This blog isn’t really about politics but what’s going on in Portugal at the moment is hard to ignore. A few weeks ago I spent 5 days in Lisbon, and the news was dominated by reports of protests opposed to … Continue reading

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